2021 Virtual Fair Winners!

Here are the winners of the 2021 (Virtual) Cobble Hill Fair.

Child Class C2 to C6

Child Class C7 to C11

Child Class C11 to C14

Juniors A 1 to 6

Juniors A 7 to 14

Juniors A 15 to 19

Juniors B 2 to 10

Juniors B 11 to 19

Youth 1 to 9

Youth 10 to 19

Adults A1 to A4

Adults A5 to A13

Adults A14 to A20

Adults A21 to A25

Adults A26 to A28

Adults A31 to A32

Family F3 to F8

Farm Fun FF1 to FF6

Farm Fun FF7 to FF8

Farm Fun FF9 to FF12


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